MIAMI BEACH POLICE STATION: The new building, by Borrelli, Frankel, Blitstein, frames the old City Hall in Raul Pedroso's photograph.


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Strong Images rendered with clarity

Herald Architecture Critic
The Miami Herald
Tuesday, August 13, 1991; Page 5C

For eight years, Raul Pedroso was a construction reporter; he wrote about buildings for a living and photographed them in his free time. Then, in 1987, he set out on his own as a professional photographer. It was not, he says, a daring leap "I'd been planning it for a long time."

A selection of Pedroso's architectural photographs are on view at the gallery of the American Institute of Architects in Coral Gables.

Pedroso finds strong imagery in even the gentlest of buildings. There's a powerful clarity to his work, and a strong sense of color and light.

The works on view includes a number of classically inspired buildings by Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and one classicist house by an early student, Carlos Figueroa. Another fine photograph is of a Palm Beach house designed by the young New York architect Alex Gorlin.

Pedroso came of age along with Miami's new wave of talented young architects, and he has wisely chosen to chronicle some of their work; one of the most intriguing photographs on view is of a model by the architect Eddy Castineira. "I try to get the image the architect is looking for, to use his vision of the building... and at the same time compose the photograph in an artistic way" said Pedroso.

Part of the exhibition is devoted to a fascinating group of eight photographs Pedroso did while on assignment in Australia for the Illinois-based National Institute of Exploration. 

Photographs by Raul Pedroso are on view through Aug. 29, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, at the AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance; Coral Gables; call 448-7488 during those hours.

Raul Pedroso / Solo Photography, Inc..
3503 N.W. 15th Street Miami, Florida 33125
Tel.: 305-634-8820
High Resolution Images are Available for Exhibition and Editorial Use.


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