Pavilion of Discovery

Parallels a rectangular base divided into eight square modules, with a total height of about 83 feet. This formal unity is based on a large, powerful and marked metallic structure with a square modular base, defined by 15 vertical towers joined by girders. The sculptural yellow ladder was placed as art object after the building was partially burned in accident prior to Expo'92 opening day.

Inside of the silver sphere, images of the New World Discoveries, Industrial Revolution, and Science and Technology. A synthesis of man's adventures and discoveries, featuring the ambiguity of progress of the last five centuries seen on a 180 degree hemispheric cinema screen.

1992 Raul Pedroso / Solo Photography, Inc..
3503 N.W. 15th Street Miami, Florida 33125
Tel.: 305-634-8820
High Resolution Images are Available for Exhibition and Editorial Use.


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